1. The Multi spectrum clearing of entities throughout the various non-physical body systems is a massive change for the better. The internal shadow factory demolition and removal of your most negative thoughts has a profound impact on your internal and external world.
  2. Repair, refurbishment and upgrade of the 3 minds: Head , Heart and Gut.
    The head for intellectual complexity: Success. The Heart for emotional complexity: Good Relationships
    The gut is a simple mind telling you what to do and not to do. It regulates the others from getting too bogged down in the complexity they love. Together, one has incredible clarity in thought, emotion and will.
  3. The clearing of All Personal Akashic Records is a ground breaking technique. This closes all karmic debts in one day. The result is that you are no longer obliged to endlessly repeat the same mistakes you’ve made in past lives. These mistakes compound until a solution is almost impossible. If life feels like you’re in a bumper car, getting stopped by another crash in life every time you pick up a little speed: this is exactly what stops here.


These works are sold seperately and together.

Entity Clearing: Thinking too much, mood swings, impulse control and negative thought loops.
$USD  750

Rehabilitation, rejuvenation and upgrade of Head, Heart and Mind
$USD 750

Clearing of All Akashic Records:
$USD 1000

Bundle pack $USD 2000