There are illnesses that the Hospital is good at dealing with, there are others that they are not good at. When the Hospital consistently fails to resolve a medical issue, it is because the system of healing they are using is not well suited to cure this illness.

Medical Intuition is very old, and almost erased from our culture. Though I’ll try to explain it in modern terms:

There is a software for every part of our body. One that tells the heart how many times to beat in a minute: when to speed up and when to slow down. Another software for breathe, and for sweat and for a million other little functions of the body that happen continuously with us barely noticing.

What we do notice is when one of those softwares breaks down. Because then the relevant part of the body also breaks down and starts performing strangely. We call this illness. Eg. when the pancreas software is in dysfunction; it stops creating insulin. We call that illness diabetes. And very very rarely is there a physical malformity with the organ that perverts insulin production: it is the software that just needs to be updated and reset on its regular course.

All illnesses can be understood this way.

Medical Intuition is the art of identifying the correct software and returning it to optimum function.

The disappointing thing is that I cannot talk about this in more detail publicly. The medical fraternity has a bad habit of taking medical intuitives to court for their successes. So please get in direct contact with myself if you have an issue of this nature to discuss.