This is a situation I have been treating for many, many years with great success.

The most common trait of this is a very simple idea: they are not loved for being themselves. The love that is intrinsicly due to each and every human being is something they do not believe they receive. The way these people get love is through their product. The thing that they create and do are then exchanged for love.

It is also very common for these people to be perfectionists too. The offering they produce must be of the very highest quality they can imagine. When the offering is perfect, then they can receive nothing but flawless love and appreciation.

And this is why they work so hard. They work because this is their method for receiving love. This is how they get appreciated. So after years of working extra hard to present value to the world, these people end up on the top rung of society. They are often Post-Grad qualified: working overtime in a high-prestige position and wondering how they got neck deep in constant work and wondering what on Earth they are going to do about it!!!

Everything Alobar describes has been precisely my experience working with him. So many things that I felt in my heart and experienced in my life, but that I could not explain or reason away, much less permanently resolve are crystal clear now.

My life is shifting exponentially upwards thanks to his work.

Alistair is highly skilled, extremely knowledgable, and more importantly an extremely heartfelt man trying to uplift humanity. I am grateful for being led to him.

Liz – Managing Lawyer

his appreciation of self is something they cannot produce for themselves, so they do a lot of fancy footwork in order to receive it from other people. The disappointing thing is that the other person they are seeking this appreciation from may not be aware of what is being subconsciously asked of them. They probably have no idea what is expected from them. So they can disappoint.

The results people enjoy from working with Alobar is a vast imporvement in this cluster of feelings. They feel a renewed sense of self. A capacity to appreciate onesself. The expectation and natural acceptance of being valued by others. The feeling of being valued for being you; not just the service you provide.



The turnaround is internal, but it changes the way you respond to everything. The anxiety of disappointing people disapates and you naturally respond with your own best interests at heart. There is no need to be of constant service in order to be appreciated: You can now create the feeling of apprecaition for yourself, you wont need to dance double-time to get it from other people. The peace and relaxation that comes from this is exquisite and the quality of conversation in your own head improves greatly.

Since working with Alobar, I’ve become a better doctor.

I can concentrate more deeply and for longer and it allows me to give more to my patients!

Sherrie – Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor