This class is designed to take people from zero to the tippity top of the game. Whether you have done metaphysical trainings before or not, you will definitely benefit from the curriculum on offer.

This class will definitely give you psychic skills. I have trained a lot of healers and those that complete my course work are very very good. Most go on to become a professional in this field.

The course is broad enough and touches on a great many different topics that it gives students the opportunity and the skills to explore their own specialisation. Be it medical intuition, or mental health work, or something more detailed like past life regression.

The training is designed to teach you how to heal yourself first. Each week the class covers another meditation technique. You are the first one that you use the techniques on. And the result is a quieter mind, more clarity, more focus, more happiness and easier relaxation.  And as one’s frequency rises, so too does their luck. It is a process that I personally keep doing because it keeps paying dividends on a continual basis.

The list of classes is there, but that is not strictly a complete list, there is more. Each week you learn a new meditation and then spend the week practicing it on yourself. Once you have a good grasp of this weeks practice, then we move on to the next class and the next class. There is a lot to learn about the multi-dimensional world around us and this is a step by step guide to navigating it all.

The course is set up to be financially accessible to all. Join the course for the first month and see how much you like it. If its not for you,. then one months fees are not a big deal. If you do like it, then feel free to continue month after month.

Just $295 USD per month

These Classes continue for as long as you can handle them.
This is a list of the topics covered.
This list is not exhaustive.

  1. Create your own dimension. The most straight forward way to approach both shadow and positive focus work.
  2. The Aura and Chakras as an integrated system
  3. 13 Chakra system, 13 Sacred Rays, energy types and the core of Pranic Healing.
  4. Energetic Relationship Analysis. Reading people’s intentions for you. Working with other people to impact their lives.
  5. Meet the Angels. Introducing the Arch Angels: 6 Suggested methods of working with them.
  6. Meet the Ascended Masters and Small ‘g’ gods. Pantheons and deity teamwork
    -(a) Deities
    -(b) Ascended Masters – Saints and Bohdisattvas
  7. Past Life Regression
  8. DNA Restructuring and re-writing
  9. Time Line reading
  10. Shamanic Totem Animal Journeying
  11. Qaballah – The oldest and most intricate healing system on Earth.
  12. Cling on Demon clearing – pain bodies or negative entities.
  13. Libraries of Light – The Legacy of Past travellers and their knowledge
  14. The structure of dimensions
    -(a) Basics
    -(b) Shared Realities
    -(c)Shared Falsehoods
    -(d) The ‘ Whole Humanity’ manipulation cycle
    -(e) Portals – creation and closing
    -(f) Dimension chains and empires
  15. Collective Consciousness: What it is and how it works.
    (a) Content and how it is formed
    (b) Grids and intereactions.
  16. Karma
    -(a) Exchanges
    -(b) intruders
    -(c) Karma Councils
  17. Medical Intuition: How to directly impact the physical world
    -(a)Buddhist methodolgy
    -(b)Heart Centred methodology
    -(c) Combinations with structural method
    -(d)Major Organs
    -(e)Endocrine system
  18. Reincarnation Cycle
    -(a) Ghosts and knowing the day of your Death
    -(b) Life between lives
    -(c) Life’s Purpose
    -(d) How bodies are chosen for lives
  19. Akashic Records
    -(a) Heart cenetred method of clearing
    -(b) Past life chain method of clearing
  20. Soul, Oversoul and Monad
  21. Remote Viewing – Seeing over distance
  22. Embassy to our off-world friends, allies and others
    -(a) Plieadians
    -(b) Arcturians
    -(c) Andromeda Council
  23. A training donated by the Andromeda Council – 4 parts
  24. Deity construction and reprogramming
  25. Laws of the Metaphysics: 6 Hermetic Laws
  26. The War in the Heavens
    The Hierarchy of Evil and how it works
    Weaknesses and Strengths
    Missions to purge them from our planet and create a free humanity.

This is not an exhaustive list