This condition has not been fully understood until now. These recently developed techniques can turn around the condition is 5-7 days and create a disdain for the substance that ruled their life. On top of that, they become a whole new person and lead a different life with different inclinations. The turn-around in the personality is startling and people come back to their family in a way that is not thought possible.

Anne:   After 40 years of drinking, now I don’t like the taste of alcohol or how it makes me feel. For the first time, I can imagine a life without alcohol. I am rebuilding the rapport with my family again and it feel wonderful to be closer to them than in years.

Art:    I am stunned by the change I have seen in my wife. Now, my biggest issue is how to relate to my wife again. Its like she is a new person and our relationship is blossoming because of it.

Jess:   I’ve seen more from Mum in the last few months than I have in the last few years. I am delighted to see her with my kids again and she is so much easier to spend time with her.

This treatment brings families back together, heals old wounds and makes people productive contributors to the people around them. The depth and pace of change show that this treatment is very, very different and gets right to the heart of the issue. The amount of personality change that a person goes through leaves conventional treatments in the dust.

Skye:  I used to obsess about alcohol. I constantly needed it to get through my daily life and I was always planning my next drink. There was a time where I couldn’t imagine living without alcohol; Now I couldn’t care less about it.

I’m in such a better place now. My life has come together, I’m in love and the chaos is a thing of the past. Thanks Alobar: you changed everything!

If you are thinking about Rehab: dont! Rehabs are ineffective. One year down the track, only 5-10% of people are still clean. Meaning 90% of people go back to their former condition after treatment. And when their treatment fails; the blame the patient!!! How these people keep charging the money they do with a good conscience is a mystery to me, but they do recover just a fraction of the people they work with.

The 12 step Anonymous programs not much better. After working in their management, I can say that success is dependent on the total commitment of the patient to the exclusion of everything else in their life for typically 2 years. That requirement is so high, that less than 10% stay clean for a whole year.

So don’t waste time on rehabs, counselling, workshops, books, psychology, therapists and endless session work. Even the most focused teams of experts are still ineffective at treating this affliction: and they know it.

Tiarni: The powerful hook within me that created this battle in my mind – driving me to drink – is not there. That mind chatter that tried to convince me drinking would be a good thing is just quiet. It used to be a daily battle, and most days I would drink. Now I just don’t feel tempted. Powerful stuff.

What I am offering is a new understanding of what causes an addict to behave the way they do. This is a new paradigm that yields hitherto undreamt of results.

To be able to reach deep into the psyche and flick key switches that remove the obsession and compulsion. The very things that drive these negative behaviours and remove them all within one week is the answer we have all been looking for.

What you are seeing is a technological leap forward in the treatment of this illness. 

Somthing that is quick, effective and available to you now.