WE have the power. As human beings we hold all the power, heart and intelligence required to make this world the paradise it was meant to be. We can turn this crazy world around in a way that has never been done before. This is the opportunity to train into a team dedicated to doing this. We can become the drivers of the direction of Earth’s culture. That is what is on the table.

I keep hearing that some vague and unknown force known as ‘THE SHIFT’ is occurring. And who can verify whether this is happening or not. It is a very challenging situation. That’s an incredible amount of trust. Way too much trust. It saddens me that there is a such a blind faith that the world is going to turn out well. We have no way of verifying that!

There is a better response than trust, and that is knowledge. Just like reading and writing is a technology. We all have capacity for total mastery of this human capacity. We can all grow as individuals, and as a planet when we take on this method for knowledge. We will become so much more when we take on this new phase of human development. We know this to be a method for creating miracles as a human technology designed to change the world as we know it. Just as we can change the course of one person’s life, so too can use this technology for the many.

I have been using this technology to solve problems in this world on a week to week basis and there is so much work to do. There are so many trouble spots and situations that can be resolved through the application of this work. So I am reaching out for help. Together, we can be the ones who solve the problems of the world.


Astral Travel Course
Astral Travel Course

100 people can save the world.

This is why I am recruiting 100 people to join me in this project to save the world through astral travel. 100 people is enough to have a massive impact on the world and change our global course to a better place. With 100 people empowered with skill and purpose, we can change the way this planet works and create a world that makes sense, with this skill set, you will be able to shape the course of history and make the kind of world we really want to live in.


There are only 100 seats on this course globally

Level 1: The Basic Healers Skill set, this course contains:

  1. Create your own dimension. The most straight forward way to approach both shadow and positive focus work.
  2. The Aura and Chakras as an integrated system
  3. 13 Chakra system, 13 Sacred Rays, energy types and the core of Pranic Healing.
  4. Energetic Relationship Analysis. Reading people’s intentions for you. Working with other people to impact their lives.
  5. Meet the Angels. Introducing the Arch Angels: 6 Suggested methods of working with them.
  6. Meet the Ascended Masters and Small ‘g’ gods. Pantheons and deity teamwork.


Astral Travel Course

Level 2: Intermediate Astral Travel work.

10 week course.

  • Past Life Regression
  • DNA Restructuring and re-writing
  • Time Manipulation
  • Shamanic Animal Journeying
  • Qaballah – The oldest and most intricate healing system on Earth.
  • Libraries of Light – The Legacy of Past travelers and their knowledge

Level 3: This is  a 6 month program with fewer classes and more 1 on 1 time
These are not individual classes, but themes we will cover over several units. Some of these will be team Astral Travel Missions. These topics require a lot more depth in investigation for you to get the most out of them.

  • Collective Consciousness: What it is and how it works.
  • Medical Intuition: How to directly impact the physical world
  • Duality, The players, the goals and the future of planet Earth
  • Remote Viewing: How to see over distance.
  • Alien Groups: Communication with Different groups. Who is who in the zoo? The political landscape of our solar system and galaxy. Connecting with non-Earth councils and alliances, acquiring higher spiritual technologies.
  • The Structure of Dimensions. Souls, oversouls and higher. What this reality is here to achieve and how we integrate with these goals. Different types of dimensions and how the relate to one another.

Level 4: Earth Realignment Missions and Ongoing Research into the nature of Reality.
In this group we are going to be working as equal partners in discovery and implementation of our learnings. In grasping this concepts and activities first hand, we will form a rare and powerful force to implement ongoing upgrades to the consciousness of the planet.

We will be a force for the good of the planet and all its inhabitants. We will be the ones who ground this technology for all humanity. Become part of the dream and learn how to make this planet thrive!

Astral Travel Course


This course is delivered in online classes. The classes are hosted on (similar to skype) and we see each other and I explain the techniques to you. The sessions,  which last for 1-2 hours, have 4 distinct parts

  1. Review the class from the week before. During the week, you would have ideally meditated a lot using the new techniques, we review and discuss your results and what you did or didn’t enjoy about it.
  2. I explain the content of the new lesson: the mechanics and purpose of this style of meditation.
  3. Controlled practice
  4. Free Practice

In this way, you are introduced to new healing techniques, and practice makes perfect, so you must do:

20 minutes of independent meditation per day

There is an expectation from my students. I expect at least 20 minutes of meditation per day. In order to master these techniques and build up the strength and capability to be of service to the consciousness of the world. Every time you astral travel, you do another psychic push-up. By practice, you grow your talent and become the independent mystic operator with the skills and will to make the world a better place.

Distance makes no difference in this work

Due to the nature of astral travel, these classes work anywhere in the world. With this technology, I float over to where you are to make sure the work is being done correctly. To make sure that the desired effect of the meditation I am teaching you is actually taking place. With this work, I check that my students are doing it right during the class. You can’t go wrong.


  • Become super psychic and see energy.
  • Understand and work with a system more effective than psychology
  • Have a strong practice to heal yourself and others
  • Have a skill set that will allow you to hold healing events.
  • Have a skill set that you can train others in.
  • Have a rare skill set that impacts the whole Earth
  • Join a team that is dedicated to aiding the shift and bringing about paradise on Earth


  • Become super psychic and see energy.
  • Understand and work with a system more effective than psychology
  • Have a strong practice to heal yourself and others
  • Have a skill set that will allow you to hold healing events.
  • Have a skill set that you can train others in.
  • Have a rare skill set that impacts the whole Earth
  • Join a team that is dedicated to aiding the shift and bringing about paradise on Earth
Astral Travel Course


It is up to humanity to create its own direction. The more people we have working towards the conscious world we want to live in. Most conscious people are just waiting for someone/something else to do it for humanity. The fact of the matter is that there is action that we can take to help shape this world, and there is not enough people to complete it all. Things can happen faster and go further if we work together.

Groups work we have done before are typically in response to a global threat. There were some moments were groups have rallied quickly on a topic. Things like the Fukushima nuclear accident, where we went and talked to the volatile isotopes and healed them into a calm state. Hurricane warnings give us the chance to dissolve the concentrated chaos at the heart of the storm. The shenanigans of CERN are always of interest to us, and foiling different political plots against humanity are but a few of the things we do. We also engage in longer-term actions to move collective consciousness in a more loving and kind direction.

Astral Travel Course


What is the point of doing an experiment if you know the answer from the beginning? None.

This is how most religions begin with their experiments into the nature of God or existence. It is just bizarre… If I trained as a Christian, my first lesson and final goal would be to get closer to Jesus. If I trained as a Buddhist, the it would be to discover emptiness. If I joined the new age, it would be to open my heart. Islam that God is Great and on it goes.

What would it look like if there was a study of the esoteric that was totally open minded? That borrowed from all religions and was loyal to none of them? That explored the truth or untruth of every spiritual claim? To be totally independent and empowered in your work?



If you decide that duality studies, or alien communication (of course they have mastered this technology), or medical intuition are the most important aspects of this work, then you will be encouraged and supported in this work. Just as it is not easy to be a physicist, biologist and chemist all at once, so you will have difficulty in mastering every aspect of consciousness. It can be done given enough time, though you will have to go deeply into these one at a time and we will support you as you reach new levels of investigation, study and conclusion in this unbounded reality. We want you to follow your purpose and go for the deepest discovery for all mankind.

Open debate in learning If you disagree with what I am teaching, then this will come before a study group and we can research your new theory together. I actively encourage you to keep thinking for yourself, and keep questioning.

Astral Travel Course
Astral Travel Course

I have been working in the consciousness for at least the last 10 years. I would have easily done 10,000 hours of astral travel in my time. I have studied a dozen modalities and worked the techniques harder than most of my tutors. I now study and compare the techniques and knowledge of different religions and traditions from around the world. I live in Bali to study one the worlds largest ley-line confluence through meditation contact time with the primary location and several other supporting locations. I know of very few people studying this phenomenon.  I have also made myself an expert in more than a few fields: I have removed more than 20,000 pain bodies, had success on dozens of different medical and mental health conditions. I have expanded the field of human knowledge in that I published some world first research on the energy of food and will publish more world-first research on sacred geometry this year.

Though I have spent a lot of time in the consciousness field, I always kept my feet on the ground. You will not find me wearing flowing purple robes or talking about ‘unconditional love’ everywhere I go. I am a much more down-to-earth kind of guy who is all about practical applications of this work. I do not approach this with stars in my eyes. I not only want to understand all there is to understand, I want to find the way to make conditions on this planet the best they can be. My dream is a paradise planet. It can be done.

I am lucky enough to have had my first child at the beginning of this year and it fills me with wonder and joy. Seeing my new family come together with my astounding wife brings me a happiness I could not of dreamed of not so long ago. We live in Bali Indonesia together in what could only be described as idyllic conditions. I want to pinch myself that this is happening to me sometimes.


There are plenty of surface level and 3D trainings out there, though it can be a little harder to a really robust healing modality that will take you all the way into the mysteries. When I learned all of this, I went to dozens of weekend workshops. I went across 3 continents to get the training I was really looking for. It was a long and difficult process to get an understanding of everything there is to do in this healing realm. It cost me a wheelbarrow of money and 5 years to really excel in this art. I put as much effort in as it takes to do a masters degree or a doctorate. It was a lot of work to chase up the best information out there. Though I was really quite disappointed by how scattered this information really was.


So now I teach a class that covers the best of all my studies and discoveries. It is the course I wish I had been offered right from the beginning. So you don’t have to go through all the time, expense and hassle to find a dozen different people and learn from them all. As you can see from the course outline, this is a comprehensive course and there is content in this work that I am shy about sharing on the internet, so the later work is really intriguing and likely you have not heard about it before. There is a lot more to this work than is in the public eye. Pursuing this course will take you into a place where you not only can heal yourself deeply, but also heal the planet on a large scale. And much, much more.


Consciousness is a technology that has been preserved in the religious teachings of the world. Though it has been wrapped in a n orthodoxy that makes it difficult to swallow. Though they all have a powerful wizard at the inception: Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha or Confucius just to name a few. These miracle workers were able to perform great tasks through the multi-dimensional understanding they acquired through exploring the multiverse. All of their knowledge is based in astral travel.

What if the secrets were available to us all? What if the foundational knowledge of these masters were available in a form that mixes the ancient with modern thinking? What if they were available without the thousands of hours of reading and interpreting old texts? We know that there isn’t any one book that made these masters who they were. So why is this the preferred method of learning? It just doesn’t make sense.


People do not start wise and then decide to pick up meditation. Just as people do not begin fit and then decide to join a gym. Wisdom is a product of meditation. Meditation is a method of contact with the divine and wisdom is the inevitable result of that. They can be direct and clear on what the real issue is with stunning poignancy. Though this philosophy does not come from books, it goes into them.

The philosophy is the byproduct of that wisdom. Not the point. The philosophy is the second hand communication of divine truth. It is not the end in and of itself. Why accept a second hand transmission of perfection when you can go for the real thing? That is what is on offer here. We do not teach philosophy. there is no orthodoxy of thought, truth is not a thing to be taught, it is a thing to be discovered: so lets start this grand exploration.

that fits you like a glove. You’re totally in control of how you develop and who you want to become. You’re in the driver’s seat.

Even more, by the time you complete this course, you’ll be able to develop your own meditations and bring something new to humanity.


If you are into positive focus, or positivity reframing of everything, then you are doing something good. If you think you have mastered consciousness because of that: you are selling yourself short. There is much more to consciousness work, what I call positive focus is just the beginning.

Positive focus is a gross oversimplification of one part of a broad spectrum of what is possible. You know that. Positive focus is the part of the whole picture that sells. It is the most attractive part of a multi-faceted multi-dimensional construct that allows us to exist in our world.

It doesn’t work for everyone because that is unlikely to be the part that needs work. In my years and years of coaching, the most progress is achieved in dealing with other things. I can’t tell you how many students of orthodox positivity come to me for the solution that has been evading them. How many people have developed an illness over those years due to the broken parts of themselves they have ignored?

Positive focus does work for some people. Though only for a few. It is not the life solution for everyone, but its salesmen sell it like it is. And tribes of people come to bow at the altar of positivity. It is just one part of a larger mechanism of consciousness. It is worth your time to investigate more

Astral Travel Course
I have never heard all of this esoteric stuff put so clearly and simply in my life. He talks like a normal person and doesn’t use hippy jargon. Alobar makes it all really easy to understand. You can’t go wrong.


Astral Travel Course
Before I met Alobar, my life was a confusing mess. I do not recognize the person I am anymore. The skills I learned from Alobar make the world my oyster.


Astral Travel Course
Alobar brings about a mixture of Imagination backed with humanity’s most ancient Science. He makes it clear and easy.



You would be selling yourself short  if you went to the gym and just spent all your time on the running machine.  You would get fit, but you know you could do more. Running  would build your endurance, but neglect your strength and flexibility. Just as much as your fitness would be unbalanced if you did nothing but lift weights. There are many different kinds of exercise and the fittest people invest time in developing all three of these dimensions of their fitness.

Astral Travel Course


The information spread by our media is nonsense. Layer upon layer of propaganda and myth making make it incredible difficult to get to the truth. We live in a world where Trump and Clinton are apparently the 2 best people to lead America. Clearly we could find someone better. A world where Flight MH 370 disappears. There is not a square inch of land or sea on this globe that is not covered by radar, satellite or many of them. It is just not possible to lose an airplane or the black boxes. And President Obama got the Nobel Prize for peace while he had troops fighting wars in 2 foreign countries. We are in topsy turvy world. These are just three examples of the ludicrous things that are passed as truth in our world. There are so many more examples, I’m sure you can think of a few yourself. If you are not concerned by this, please go back to sleep. Maybe this is not the course will be too challenging of your understanding of the world.

Would this happen if we had ASTRAL TRAVEL as a common technology?

In a world with this level of propaganda abounds, then black is white and white is black. There are things that are constantly dismissed and derided in our world, and those are the things that I find the most interesting. Conspiracy theory is a word that is used to dismiss any opinion that is not the official narrative. And conspiracy theory is not something created by lunatic crackpots as we would be led to believe, it is actually crafted trough good questions and good research to answer them. The above examples give a good demonstration just how much the narrative makers are willing to lock out the truth.

So when I find something thoroughly hated by the narrative makers, that really interests me. Astral travel, spiritual healing and all the mystic, quasi-religious material that is visciously attacked in the mainstream conversation. Richard Dawkins made a career out of trashing mysticism and he was lauded with award after award. In a world where black is white and white is black, this makes mysticism incredibly important. Why?

Astral Travel Course
Astral Travel Course
Alobar was an enormous influence on my life. His meditation techniques put me back on the path I needed to be on.

Tom Kornblit



 For those of you who have done previous study, this will enhance your practice. ALL modalities and systems work through the base platform of this method. It is a simple enough thing to integrate your prior knowledge of other things into this work. For instance, if you are a chiropractor, then you will be able to use this knowledge to scan people’s back and find the problem in the first 10 seconds of meeting your patients. Not only that, you will have a way of understanding the energetic properties imbued in each vertebrae and repair them with your mind. With time, you will be able to do energetic work on the patients during your sessions while you are doing back manipulations. It makes the difference between a good practitioner and a super star.

 So if you are looking for extended training to augment your existing knowledge, this is it, and so much more.

Astral Travel Course

With this skill set, you will have an extremely rare view into the workings of the body. Whatever your field, you will be able to approach your chosen field with a fresh set of skills, which produce a fresh set of information. This fresh set of information is a new extension of your field. This will put you well above your peers is skills and therapeutic capacity. You will no longer have to compete with your peers, you will be a few steps ahead. If you develop the information into a course, your peers will become your students.

For example, if you are a chiropractor, or work with the spine in any capacity. You will be able to analyse each and every vertebrae with a new method. Each and every vertebrae has a corresponding emotion, breath, thought, body sensation and vocal sound when stimulated. To be able to harvest and catalogue this information will present a totally new and Holistic knowledge. This is something that will propel you to the front of your career field as a more effective, sought after and pricey practitioner. It will also give you a body of knowledge to present to your peers in a workshop or university format. It is up to you what you do here.


This knowledge will do amazing things to your existing practice. It is probably the most important professional development you’ll ever do. Though I hope you will want to do more than that. I’m hoping you will find the time to join us in making planet Earth a better place for everyone to live. You would be of great service to the world. Though if you do just want to be a better practitioner, be better known and make more money, then that is just fine too. I know that this work will help a lot of people even if it is only used for just a practice.

Astral Travel Course
Working with groups has a multiplier effect. When you work on your own, you have the effect of 1 person. When 2 people work together, you have the effect of 3 individuals. When you work in a group of 10 or more, then the results really are big enough to change the world. This is why ceremonies are done with circles. This is why organizations have regular meetings for this purpose. The challenge is getting 10 serious astral travelers to agree to agree on the urgency of a topic and a time to meet, via skype or otherwise. So these occasions are few and far between.

So much of the community of spiritualists capable of this kind of work are solitary workers. There are very few operating circles in the community doing this kind of global impact work. This is what I want to create. This is where I want the course to go. This is the level of work I want people to engage in.

What we can create is a community who are primarily dedicated to changing the world. To giving the world a push in the right direction. Furthermore, with this kind of a group, we can create long term strategies and projects that go beyond one or two ceremonies. We can plan what kind of a world we want to see and make it happen.

For so long, these circles form in response to a crisis. When there is a major issue that hits the news, we band together and create the energetic solution to the problem. It is very straight forward and there are some really good people who get behind these issues. Though these groups are not cohesive enough to form long-term strategies. And the reasons for this are different for every individual who participates.

With 100 people, it is possible to engage in multiple plans simultaneously. We will form working groups to implement global strategic consciousness lifting. It will be up to you to nominate the goals of these plans and fulfill the outcome. Different projects will attract different people from the core group. We will change the world in the way that you want to see it change.

Astral Travel Course

Whether we know it or not, all of humanity draws their knowledge from a primary source. Most of us know this as the source of instinct, and in animals, they draw from a species-specific information resource that tells brids when to start flying south for the winter. Which remote islands in the pacific is the bredding grounds for sea-lions or penguins. Which rivers the salmon swim up to reach their spawning grounds.  All this information is stored in a database accessable for each member of that species.

Astral travellers know this database as collective consciousness or ‘the grids’. In it is the ideas, know how, emotions, possibilities and response mechanisms that are popular for that species. When they are accepted by a large enough group in 3D (100 monkeys theory) , then it gets loaded into the database and is accessible to all.

We have the capacity to work with the data in this field. We can resolve difficulties for all kinds of people we have never met. To help them make decisions that are more based in caring, kindness and consideration for each other and the planet. If these ideas are an improvement on what is being used in the world, they will be immediately adopted as a behavior pattern or decision making process.

This powerful stuff ladies and gentlemen. And this is but one of the phenomenon that occurs on the astral. Though this is the most clear, obvious and direct method that I can explain to you here. There are many more that I want to show you.


This course is structured in a way that means you have ongoing support and a place for your questions and a way to resolve any problems you face along the way. As we spend this time together, I know you will go through some very rapid personal change and I want to be there to support you. I and my previous graduate students will also be there to make sure you complete the study and your personal transformation through this work.

The work is a large enough body of knowledge to create a few serious questions along the way. So with this structure, you are not left at the end of the weekend with just the hope that you’ll figure it all out. I was always disappointed by this method. A weekend course will leave you alone with more information than you can remember or more personal challenges than you can face. The course is structured for all of these problems are addressed. We are here to make sure that you become a new person and a powerful psychic too. And as we go through this journey together, we all become friends too.

Astral Travel Course